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Welcome to the platform for improvement team UPPSAMT - Connected, interconnected and collaborative railways and

This first "demo" gives a preview of the possibilities with for example use of rail vehicles to monitor equipment and infrastructure, with means of fault codes and sensors that are and will become available in modern vehicles.
(Only the beginning, not a finished solution).

An important part is to try and give feedback on the further development and improvement!

You are welcome to participate in contributing to the improvement of the railways!

  • News

    • 22 participating Regina trains
    • X2 joins later
    • Demo updated in July
  • Asset Monitoring

    • Try out RVM/RIM
    • Case: Degerön
    • Successes
    • Provide feedback
  • Vehicle Monitoring

    • Try the RVM-demo
    • Provide feedback
  • Communicate in the field

    1. Download the client
    2. Try the mobile demo
    3. Provide feedback
  • Further development

    • Download the client
    • Try the mobile demo
    • Provide feedback
  • Suggestions and feedback

    • Collect feedback
    • Provide feedback
    • Workshops